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Projects Website
The project website serves as a central location on the Internet for a complete summary of information on important issues facing the American people. It contains facts, overviews, research, analysis and basic information from all social and political ideologies and provides links to more comprehensive studies, working models and opinion from educational organizations and well as think tanks, news publications and advocacy groups. It streamlines the process of gathering the “basics” on the pressing issues before our legislators so that “We the People” have a better opportunity to voice our opinions to them before they enact laws in our name.
Islamofascism has developed (and is further cultivating) a research and education initiative addressing the threat of aggressive Islamofascism.  This initiative features a comprehensive research webpage that features fact-based and first-source information from internationally renowned experts and Basics project research staff, credible think tanks, government and non-government organization studies, testimonies and reports, current legislation and a view from all ideological vantage points in the form of education, non-propagandized opinion from reliable editorial boards and advocacy groups. partnered in producing a national symposium series on the threat of Islamofascist aggression, produced at selected locations around the United States. The symposiums utilize the fact-based knowledge of invited speakers, regional and national experts on the issue, as well as information acquired through’s research. Speakers are compensated in part through ticket sales. The general public is welcome. also has initiated a first-of-its-kind audio CD educational series on Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam. These CDs are perfect for listening at home or in the car and are downloadable to MP3 or iPod players. They are structured to afford those vested in our fast-paced society a time-efficient, easy-to-understand explanation of the issue while offering those of the iPod Generation an opportunity to understand this most critical issue through technology familiar to them. The audio CD series is an evolving series, updated as information is acquired.

Constitutional Literacy
Currently under development is our educational flagship program, Constitutional Literacy is being developed using first-source materials employed in the advanced study of our founding documents – the Charters of Freedom – including the philosophies championed by those who influenced our Founding Fathers. It is designed to provide a basic understanding of the contents of The Declaration of Independence, The US Constitution and The Bill of Rights, and a fundamental comprehension of why our Founders addressed each concern held within.
Examining the American Fifth Column is studying the feasibility of creating a program that would offer a resource webpage and a program of study examining the many facets of Progressivism, or the American Fifth Column, and the danger it poses to the well-being of our country and our heritage, chronicling the derivation, establishment and progressive promotion of the American Fifth Column and identifying key initiatives which pose a very real threat to our country and our American Heritage.

From its history and influences, to the modern methods employed to advance the ideology, to the natural consequences of a society that embraces progressive moral relativism and multiculturalism, is exploring the many challenges associated with creating a comprehensive research and education program designed to enlighten the American people on the threats posed by an ideology antithetical to the principles of our Democratic Republic.
Cracking the Code
Cracking the Code: The New Education Revolution is an initiative of that empowers parents by affording more transparency to the educational process; prospective and practicing teachers by providing comprehensive information about the field not covered in education schools; and finally, anyone who cares about education reform by providing a web based reference site explaining the “eduspeak” which confounds those not versed in the field of education. Lack of Communication between parents and educators results in parents being unable to truly participate in the education of their children. The goal of Cracking the Code: The New Education Revolution is to empower parents and people concerned with the education of our children by providing them the tools to make the best educational choices for their their communities and our country.  
Outreach Program
The Outreach Program is a highly selective partnership program designed to assist independent and non-partisan projects and organizations promote fact-based, first source/primary source education initiatives for the public - as well as governmental and private entities - on the political and social issues of the day. is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) research and educational initiative. Opinions expressed by those not directly affiliated with are expressly their own. Responsibility for the accuracy of cited content is expressly that of the contributing author. may or may not agree with opinions and/or content presented unless expressly cited. All content offered by is copyrighted.’s goal is the liberation of the American voter from partisan politics and special interests in government through the primary-source, fact-based education of the American people. © 2005-2013
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