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“If a nation expects to be ignorant - and free - in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”
– Thomas Jefferson produces a series of expanding original educational publications on what we feel are the three most critical issues facing our country today: radical Islam, the American Fifth Column and our nation's delinquency in understanding the principles and ideology that led our Framers and Founders to create the Charters of Freedom. Each series provides an examination of the basic elements of each subject. The goal of these series is to create a motivation within our citizenry to seek out additional information on each issue so that we can engage our elected officials from an informed and intellectual vantage point. By educating ourselves on the "basics," we can properly satisfy our civic responsibility while providing the proper oversight of our government officials.

Keeping a Republic: An Argument for Sovereignty
As the United States faces the complex issues of being a global community nation state, it is important that we recognize the importance of maintaining and preserving our national sovereignty. In Keeping a Republic: An Argument for Sovereignty, author Nancy Salvato, president of and career educator, examines the need to preserve our national sovereignty in the face of an advancing globalism.

"Nancy Salvato’s latest book Keeping a Republic: An Argument for Sovereignty is a very enlightening document that each and every citizen of America, all America lovers and haters should read. The book starts with the origin of the US Constitution and describes rigorously what the role of government is in the American Republic, explaining why it should be and remain limited. This book is a hymn to America’s very essence and success...Page after page, chapter after chapter, Mrs. Salvato indefatigably takes the reader through the history of classical philosophy, Natural Law and globalization; explaining why American sovereignty, freedoms and achievements are an immense treasure to protect at all costs and against all odds. This short but great book is a must in every educated reader’s library."
Jean-Bernard Moreau, Former Liaison Officer, Belgium's Wallonia Region, European Commission

Click here to order Keeping a Republic: An Argument for Sovereignty, $10.00 per (plus S&H), without making a tax-deductable donation
Click here to buy for your Kindle or iPad (this purchase is not tax deductible).

Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam
The events of September 11, 2001 changed our nation, and the world, forever. For our nation, these attacks signaled the realization of the quintessential struggle for this generation. A conflict not between nations whose borders are delineated on a map or between groups of nations diametrically opposed in their political philosophies, but a conflict of ideologies transcending recognized borders. Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam provides a cursory examination of violent Islamism and how this radical ideology threatens Western Civilization; perfect as an introduction to the issue or for home schooling

"You must read ‘Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam’ by Frank Salvato. It is, far and away, one of the most important publications on the subject of militant Islam to appear in print. The work is succinct, comprehensive, and extremely well-written. Mr. Salvato is a true American patriot with a message that must be heard before it is too late for all of us.”
-- Dr. Paul L. Williams, PhD Author, Osama’s Revenge, The Day of Islam and The Al Qaeda Connection

Click here to order Understanding the Threat of Radical Islam, $10.00 per (plus S/H), without making a tax-deductable donation
Click here to buy for your Kindle or iPad (this purchase is not tax deductible).

An Examination of The American Fifth Column
With roots emanating from the ideology of the Marxist/Leninist Era, the American Fifth Column presents a menace from within, a threat to the longevity of our uniquely American way of life. These roots, nurtured and further developed during the counter-culture revolution of the of the 1960s and 1970s and now taught in classrooms across America as “tolerance” have evolved into a unique yet visionless ideology, which holds that our most basic constitutional tenets are the central cause for many of the social ills here in the United States and around the world. is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) research and educational initiative. Opinions expressed by those not directly affiliated with are expressly their own. Responsibility for the accuracy of cited content is expressly that of the contributing author. may or may not agree with opinions and/or content presented unless expressly cited. All content offered by is copyrighted.’s goal is the liberation of the American voter from partisan politics and special interests in government through the primary-source, fact-based education of the American people. © 2005-2013
299 Randolph Avenue, PO Box 614, Cape Charles, VA  23310  
(630) 297-4707