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The information provided in the following publications contain an abundance of credible, fact-based information. We urge the reader to understand that some publications may contain information that has become dated. Each of these offerings should be consumed with that fact in mind.
Featured Book
Keeping a Republic

by Nancy Salvato
This book by Nancy Salvato, the Director of Constitutional Studies for, examines the issue of American sovereignty and how it relates to the continued well-being of our Republic. From the deliberations undertaken during the framing of the US Constitution to the challenge of maintaining national sovereignty in a time of Progressive globalization, Keeping a Republic examines the philosophy and ideology that served the Framers in creating the United States of America, ideals valid to this very day.

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Seminars for Teachers on the Ratification of the Constitution
US Constitution Online

Recommended Books
Essentials of the American Constitution
The Words We Live By
The Complete Federalist & Anti-Federalist Papers
Democracy in America
Restoring the Constitution
The Genius of America
Congress, The President & Public Policy White Papers
A Balance of Rights
A Constitutionally Illiterate Congressional Leadership
Checks & Balances: Maintaining Our Liberties
Encroachments & Oppressions By The Representative Body

Impoverishment, Elitism & Apathy
In Defense of Freedom
Judicial Activism Undermines The Integrity Of The Constitution
Natural Law
The Bill Of Rights: Its Intent & Application

The Right to Defend Sovereignty
Types of Government

In Focus
A Constitution
Obama Finding Ways to Wield Power Without Executive Orders
Origins of Commerce Clause Objections to the Individual Mandate
Positive Rights, the Constitution & Conservatives, Libertarians
Recess Appointments: Frequently Asked Questions

The Real Problem with Obama's Drone Memo
Voter IDs Are Not the Problem: A Survey of Three States

Examining One of the Foundational Roots of the US Constitution
How Judicial Activism Harms the American Form of Government
Keeping a Republic: An Argument for Sovereignty
The Perfect Storm, Vol. 1
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