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About Us
“If a nation expects to be ignorant - and free - in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.”
– Thomas Jefferson
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Mission Statement, a 501(c)(3)* research and educational initiative, is charged with the advancement of Constitutional Literacy and exposing the threats of Progressivism and Islamofascism. It is our hypothesis that the advancement of the oppressive and totalitarian doctrines of Progressivism (through the manipulation of our system of government) and Islamofascism (through the portal offered by Progressivism’s tenet of political correctness and lawfare), coupled with the reality that we exist in a time when the American populace is effectively constitutionally illiterate, presents a “perfect storm” that threatens the very existence of the American philosophy, Americanism, the United States, as known by the Founders and Framers, and, in fact, Western Civilization itself. works to educate the American people using primary source materials and culling qualified opinions from both governmental and non-governmental agencies as well as congressional testimonies and the analysis of internationally recognized experts and think tanks proven credible.’s goal is the liberation of the American people from what James Madison called “factions” and special interests in government.

Through educational advocacy for our citizenry and providing access to reliable information via our publications and events, fosters the re-emergence of civic responsibility and active, responsible participation of citizens in their government.

We, the American people one and all, need to have a cursory – if not a comprehensive – understanding of why the Founders and Framers found so much worth in our nation’s creation and why they valued this endeavor enough to risk dying for it.

* - Due to either an IRS oversight or nefarious deeds committed by partisans in the IRS Exempt Organization Division, committed in August of 2013,'s 501c3 tax-exempt status has been corrupted; "automatically revoked for non-990 report compliance." The fact of the matter is this. The original IRS determination dated March of 2006 identifies our tax-exempt status as not requiring to file a Form 990 (see Determination Letter here). Our organization is currently engaged with the IRS to have our status reinstated.
All contributions made to will still be eligible for tax-exemption as upon re-instatement the tax-exempt status is retroactive to the termination date.
The Problem
It is difficult to value something when its worth is unknown. This truth brings to mind the old adage about two children who had received the same bike, one given the bike, the other made to earn the bike. Invariably, the child who was given the bike was more prone to neglecting it, not understanding its worth, while the child who was made to earn the bike, who understood its worth, maintained it. This basic truth applies to our American Heritage and the continued welfare of our nation.

Without a solid understanding of the basic principles used by our Founding Fathers in establishing our constitutional republic – principles used to craft The Declaration of Independence, The United States Constitution and The Bill of Rights – it is sometimes difficult for Americans to recognize the worth of the American ideal. When the full value of freedom and liberty are not realized it becomes easy to incrementally relinquish rights guaranteed under the Constitution.

Further, without a basic understanding of the value of our founding principles and the worth of the American ideal, the American public is less inclined to be concerned with the unfettered access to un-manipulated, fact-based information, information needed to address many of the serious issues facing our nation, our nation’s leaders and the world.

Today, our country faces both a threat from abroad and a threat, in the form of ideological conflict, from within. While some among us choose to accentuate the imperfections of our nation, others condemn our culture or literally champion our nation’s defeat and demise. Those who choose to diminish the significance of US contributions to the world, do so in ignorance of the intent of the documents that charted the course for this great nation and the ideologies and principles that provided the foundation for the creation of our governmental covenant.

We at understand that there is a direct correlation between understanding the principles, ideology, history and meaning behind our founding documents – the Charters of Freedom – and the proclivity to value and advance our American Heritage to the next generation and beyond.

Our Goals
Through our programs and events, achieves two goals:

▪ The fact-based, first-source continuing education of the American citizenry in the Charters of Freedom and the principles championed by our Founders and Framers

▪ The facilitation of accurate, non-political, fact-based information on the clear and present dangers to our nation.

Only by knowing the worth of our American Heritage, will We the People be moved to value and defend it, so that we may be able to pass the Great American Experiment on to future generations.
Our Methods achieves its goals in, primarily, several ways:

▪ Through the grassroots education of both the citizenry and our elected officials.

▪ By the "pushing" of information and issues into the mainstream media by way of "grassroots buzz" in the new media and social networking.

▪ By creating informational and educational resources for organizations and institutions.

▪ By directly educating uninformed private sector entities of their potential involvement with threat pillar entities that aren't always transparent about their motives.

▪ By producing and distributing multimedia projects that appeal to a wide and inclusive demographic both here in the United States and around the world.
Our Symbol
The Liberty Tree was a famous tree; some say oak and others recall elm, which stood in Boston, near Boston Common, in the days before the American Revolution. The tree was a rallying point for the growing resistance, including the Sons of Liberty, to the rule of England over the American colonies. In the years that followed, almost every American town had its own Liberty Tree, a living symbol of popular support for individual liberty and resistance to tyranny of any origin.

Today, embraces the Liberty Tree, both in symbol and in spirit, in our efforts to advance our American Heritage to the next generation and beyond
How You Can Help

As a 501(c)(3) qualified tax-exempt organization, your contributions to are fully tax deductible for federal income tax purposes, subject to appropriate limitations. You can help us achieve our goals by taking advantage of the tax savings available to you through your financial support of our organization.

Whether it’s an individual contribution or building into your corporate financial structure, the options remain the same, you can pay taxes to the federal government and hope Congress spends it wisely, or you can affect that amount by contributing to with a guarantee it is going to help preserve our American Heritage.

Donations and contributions to are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

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Please acquire a graphic for your website and link it to is a non-profit, non-partisan 501(c)(3) research and educational initiative. Opinions expressed by those not directly affiliated with are expressly their own. Responsibility for the accuracy of cited content is expressly that of the contributing author. may or may not agree with opinions and/or content presented unless expressly cited. All content offered by is copyrighted.’s goal is the liberation of the American voter from partisan politics and special interests in government through the primary-source, fact-based education of the American people. © 2005-2013
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